Gift Matching


Many employers will match philanthropic gifts to non-profit organizations like Cal Poly and the Orfalea College of Business. If you are considering a donation to the college or one of its Learn by Doing programs, you may be able to double your support of Learn by Doing with a matching gift. To see if you or your partner work for one of those companies, visit and search for your company. You’ll find details on program specifics, including who to contact. After some simple paperwork, your generosity will be felt two times over by Cal Poly students carrying on the tradition of Learn by Doing today.

Matching makes a significant impact on the success of Orfalea students. In FY 2017, more than $150,000 came from matched gifts. Donors can direct their donations and any matched funds to the program of their choosing ensuring that their generosity goes twice as far. Check out the details of your employer’s matching policy here to get started.

Questions? Contact the Orfalea College of Business Dean’s Office | 805-756-2705