Orfalea College of Business Building Success


Cal Poly’s Business Building stands as a campus landmark that inspires students, industry leaders, and faculty to succeed. For the first time since its original construction in 1992, the Business Building will undergo long overdue interior renovations to make its interior spaces more functional, modern, and conducive to experiential business education.

The Orfalea College of Business will take a phased approach to growth, completing specific upgrades and additions that are most needed first. The first phase of development will be to construct a new three-story tower at the southern end of the Business Building. The structure will include a technology-enabled flexible classroom, department offices, and a green roof. By tackling this project first, the college will ensure the student experience isn’t disrupted by construction and the vision of our supporters is realized faster.

At the same time, the college will also make specific, meaningful changes to the building’s courtyard. The renovation project will add a coffee cart and seating areas where students, faculty and visitors can enjoy refreshments in between classes. The space will become a new focal point where the Orfalea community can interact outside the classroom.

The proposed enhancements will support the college’s aim to showcase examples of excellence at the heart of the building to inspire and motivate those who walk its halls. As a result, students will learn in an environment similar to the campuses of major companies who will hire them upon graduation

Key Improvements

  • Increase the building’s overall space by 7,000 sq. ft.
  • Add a 128-seat flexible classroom that can be used for lectures, events, club meetings and evolving instructional design.
  • Accommodate department offices on second and third floors, freeing space in the existing building for more student labs, faculty offices, classrooms and collaborative space.
  • Create a green roof on top the building, a space that students and faculty can enjoy.
  • Add a coffee cart to the Orfalea Courtyard, including seating and community space