About Entrepreneurship Concentration

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The Entrepreneurship Concentration is for students who want to take on something new without being asked to do so, and who are always coming up with new ideas and ways to get them started.

The Entrepreneurship Concentration helps students launch their careers…

As part of a founding startup team


Or, in a rapidly scaling company with 25-250 employees


Or, on an entrepreneurial team inside a larger corporation

There’s not one right way to complete the concentration. There’s many. It all depends on your passions and skillset. Are you a creative with an eye for design? A tech-savvy maker? A networker and communicator? A efficiency-oriented manager? We have a path for you.

In taking on the Entrepreneurship Concentration, you’re stepping onto a customizable path that will hone your unique skills and prepare you to thrive in a variety of careers.

Want more info? See our Student Services concentration page.