Economics and Finance Seminar Series

Orfalea College of Business Seminar Series

Seminars are on typically on Friday from 3:40 – 5:00 p.m. in Room 03-206 unless otherwise noted. Contact Corey White the seminar coordinator at with any questions.

2019-2020 Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Host Department
10/11/2019 Marcella Alsan Harvard (visiting UCSB) Fear and the Safety Net: Evidence from Secure Communities Corey White Economics
10/25/2019 Emanuel Vespa UCSB Mental Models and Learning: The Case of Base-Rate Neglect Eduardo Zambrano Economics
11/1/2019 Terry Marsh UC Berkeley Equity premiums, midterm election and the resolution of political uncertainty Cyrus Ramezani Finance
11/15/2019 Katherine Eriksson UC Davis Marriage and the Intergenerational Mobility of Women: Evidence from Marriage Certificates 1850-1910 Econ Dept. Economics
11/22/2019 Gaurav Khanna UCSD (visiting UCSB) Why do Youth in Medellin Join Gangs? The Role of Access to Employment Kathryn Vasilaky Economics
1/7/2020 (Tuesday 11-12) Abby Alpert U Penn Origins of the Opioid Crisis and Its Enduring Impacts Kathryn Vasilaky Economics
1/10/2020 (at 11:10-12:30 in Room 02-013) Hamed Ghoddusi Stevens Institute of Technology Hedging Value of Low Quality Capital Assets Finance Dept. Finance
1/13/2020 (at 12:40-2:00 in Room 03-207) Yahui Wang Columbia University Tracing the Distributional Effects of Trade Policy on Firm Value Finance Dept. Finance
1/17/2020 Anna Abdulmanova U New Mexico Political Diversity within the Boardroom: Its Effect on Corporate Investment, Performance, and Value Finance Dept. Finance
1/24/2020 Annabelle Doerr U Basel (visiting UC Berkeley) Collaborative tax evasion in the provision of services to consumers – A field experiment Carlos Flores Economics
1/31/2020 Xing Huang Washington University in St. Louis The ”Jackpot” Question: How Do Cash Windfalls Affect Small Business Growth? Pratish Patel Finance
2/27/2020 Robert Fairlie UCSC What Can Random Assignment Solve and Not Solve in Estimating Peer Effects: Evidence from a Field Experiment of One-to-One Interactions in a Required Gateway Course in the Science Stefanie Fischer Economics
2/28/2020 Adriana Lleras-Muney UCLA Carlos Flores Economics
4/10/2020 Katheryn Russ UC Davis TBA Matthew Cole Economics
4/17/2020 Steven Wu Purdue University (visiting Cal Poly) TBA Steve Hamilton Economics
4/23/2020 (Thursday 11-12) Dario Pozzoli Copenhagen Business School TBA Corey White Economics
4/24/2020 Amir Kermani UC Berkeley Two Tales of Debt*,   –  Zoom Link More info HERE Mahdi Rastad Economics
5/22/2020 Scott Carrell UC Davis TBA Stefanie Fischer Economics
5/29/2020 Laura Doval Cal Tech TBA Eduardo Zambrano Economics