Economics Minor

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Minor Description

The Orfalea College of Business’ economics minor empowers our students to integrate quantitative analysis, statistical modeling, and sound economic theory in addressing industry and public policy’s most engaging problems. The curriculum supports those studying business administration, engineering, agriculture or political science by sharpening business acumen and technological skills to make strategic decisions. The economics minor includes the economics major’s core courses, giving students a strong foundation in business in a variety of careers.

How do students declare a minor in economics?

After completing the first three courses in the minor (Econ 221, Econ 222, and Econ 311), students should complete the electronic form at the link/button below.  If you have AP or transfer credit for any of these courses, please list where you took the course on the form.  Students can gather more information from the minor advisor, Professor Aric Shafran (, or from the Orfalea Student Services office in Building 03, Room 100 (

Who should take this minor?

The minor can complement any student outside of the economics major looking for a more well-rounded perspective on business. Frequently, students studying engineering, agriculture or agribusiness, and public policy take on a minor in economics at Cal Poly. Those who have earned a good grade in ECON311: Intermediate Microeconomics I tend to have success pursuing the minor.

What kind of careers will this minor support?

An economics minor can benefit a variety of careers, including law, business development, public service, finance and real estate.

Economics Area Chair Aric Shafran
Building 03, Room 407A