Economics and Finance Seminar Series

Orfalea College of Business Seminar Series

Seminars are on typically on Friday from 3:40 – 5:00 p.m. in Room 03-206 unless otherwise noted. Contact Jacqueline Doremus the seminar coordinator at with any questions.

2021-2022 Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
11/5/21 Ryan Abman San Diego State University “Agriculture and Deforestation”
11/12/21 Tim Richards Arizona State University “Dollar Store Entry”
12/3/21 Kaspar Wuthrich UCSD  “(When) should you adjust inferences for multiple hypothesis testing?”
01/14/22 Alexander Rodivilov Stevens Institute of Technology TBA
2/18/22 Jeremy West UCSC TBA
2/25/22 Anujit Chakraborty UC Davis TBA
03/04/22 Christopher Jones USC TBA
4/1/22 Kristian Lopez Vargas UCSC TBA
4/8/22 Sarah Johnston University of Wisconsin TBA
5/6/22 Eric Lewis Texas A&M TBA
5/13/22 Kadee Russ UC Davis TBA