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Chris Ainsworth - Academic Advisor

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-1792
Office: 03-101A

Yovani Alexander - Academic Advisor/Coordinator, Multicultural Business Program

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-2601
Office: Virtual

Teresa Cameron - Instructional Designer

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-1605
Office: 03-301A

Katherine Carpenter - Executive Assistant

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-7446
Office: 03-455

Amy Carter - Assistant Dean for Student Success

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-2940
Office: 03-454

Kristy Cutter-Rogers - Director of Finance and Administration

E-mail: Phone:
Office: 03-454A

Sandy Edar - Personnel Analyst

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-5098
Office: 03-453

Shannon Fast - Director of Corporate Relations

E-mail: Phone: 559-972-5216
Office: 03-402

Nicki Fowler - Financial and Building Coordinator

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-1385
Office: 03-401

Christine Gray - Academic Advisor

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-5304
Office: 03-100A

Lori Maraviglia - Graduate Programs Analyst

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-2708
Office: 03-409A

Vanessa Mylan - Course Scheduling and Enrollment Management

E-mail: Phone:
Office: 03-455

Pat Pemberton - Communications Specialist

E-mail: Phone: 805-235-0555
Office: 03-208

Mallory Stoffel - Career Readiness Advisor

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-1623
Office: 03-300D

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