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Orfalea College of Business


Yovani Alexander - Advisor

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-2601
Office: 03-100

Mark Bieraugel - OCOB Librarian

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-6247
Office: Library 216-D

Jennifer Boncich - Advancement Coordinator

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-7446
Office: 03-455

Sheri Boscaro - Executive Director for Accounting Excellence

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-2695
Office: 03-430

Sheri is the liaison between Cal Poly's Accounting Area, accounting firms and private corporations that hire students, and student groups like the Cal Poly Accounting Club (CPAC).

Teresa Cameron - Course Designer

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-1605
Office: 03-208

With an emphasis on technology, Teresa works closely with college faculty to develop and enhance the content and delivery of course materials.

Amy Carter - Assistant Dean for Student Success

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-2940
Office: 03-455C

Amy provides oversight for Orfalea Student Services operations, which includes Peer and Professional Advising, Peer Mentoring, Tutoring, Career Readiness, and Student Ambassadors.

Lily Clark - Assistant Director of Advising

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-5303
Office: 03-100

As the Assistant Director of Academic Advising, Lily Clark helps support students in their academic path at Cal Poly. She supervises the Peer Advising Program and the Student Ambassador program. She manages general enrollment and course availability issues. She supports international students and programs, manages the Change of Major process, and manages communications from the college to undergraduate students. In addition to this, Lily teaches BUS 100, Student Orientation and Success, and BUS 206, the Women in Business Leadership Academy.

Sandy Edar - Administrative Coordinator

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-2676
Office: 03-405

Sandy can assist you with administrative information and support within the Industrial Technology and Packaging and Management, HR and Information Systems areas.

Joe Emenaker - Director, Computing Resources and Labs

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-5129
Office: 03-300

Joe keeps the computer networks networking and the servers serving.

Katherine Ganakis - Admin. Coordinator

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-1385
Office: 03-401

Katherine coordinates administrative support services for the Orfalea College of Business.

Justin Gomez - Academic Advisor & Success Coach

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-5356
Office: 03-106

Justin coordinates Peer Tutoring, Multicultural Business Program and Orfalea Travel Grants. He provides coaching, advising and intentional programming for Orfalea CP Scholars and serves as Advisor for the Hispanic Business Students Association (HBSA).

Frank Gonzales - Supervisor, Academic Technologies/Digital Media Communications

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-1685
Office: 03-208

Frank provides instructional technology consultation, computer resource/systems administration, web development, specialized instructional media, as well as learning management systems support for the Cal Poly/Orfalea College faculty, staff and students.

Alyssa Graudins - Director of Development

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-5743
Office: 03-454

Alyssa builds relationships with the college's alumni and industry partners to fundraise for Orfalea's academic programs.

Kelsey Hayes - Student Support Graduate Intern

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-1760
Office: 03-100

Kyle Hofer - Director of Business Analytics

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-2659
Office: 03-414

Mary Kelting - Assistant Dean of Advancement & External Relations

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-5177
Office: 03-453A

Beena Khurana - Director of MBA Programs

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-1771
Office: 03-408

Chelsea Kidwell - Career Readiness Advisor

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-5304
Office: 03-300D

Chelsea supports college-wide career initiatives by streamlining communication and collaboration between Cal Poly Career Services, Cal Poly business clubs, employers and alumni in order to develop and implement new programs that prepare business students to compete for in-demand positions.

Raymond Kisch

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-2058
Office: 21-126

Lori Maraviglia - Administrative Analyst, Graduate Programs

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-2708
Office: 03-409

Brent Moore - Executive Director of the Center for Packaging Value Chain

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-2857
Office: 03-447

Brent Moore has more than 20 years of experience in packaging-related research and development, and supply chain management. In his role as the administrative director for Cal Poly's Packaging Value Chain Center, he leads fundraising efforts for the center while building relationships with industry partners to enhance the educational and research opportunities for packaging students.

Tod Nelson - Executive Director, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-5161
Office: SLO HotHouse

Katelyn O’Brien - Assistant Director of Support Programs & Services

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-5295
Office: 03-100

Katelyn provides intentional outreach, advisement, and counseling services to students experiencing academic or personal challenges and specialized populations, in addition to overseeing the Academic Probation and Disqualification Process for the college. Provides oversight for Mentor Connection, Orfalea OutREACH, and student success programming.

Amanda Santos - Administrative Coordinator

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-1543
Office: 03-403

Amanda can assist you with administrative information and support within the Accounting and Marketing Areas.

Sheila Smith - Administrative Coordinator

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-2783
Office: 03-407

Sheila can assist you with administrative activities within the Economics and Finance Areas.

Lisa Sperow - Director of the Low Income Taxpayer Clinic

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-2920
Office: 03-107

Lisa leads the Cal Poly Low Income Taxpayer Clinic

Debbie Tuson - Financial Analyst

E-mail: Phone: 805-756-5098
Office: 03-455

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