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Chris Carr

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Professor of Business Law and Public Policy, 1997 - Present; Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Faculty Development (2004 - 2009)

Chris Carr

Professor Carr teaches courses and topics on domestic and international business law, business regulation, administrative agencies, public policy, business ethics, presentation innovation and design (including data visualization), and oral and written business communication. He designed, launched and led the business school’s MBA course and field trip to China, with two additional trips to India. He developed and led a similar global supply chain course to China for undergraduate students. These courses enable Cal Poly students to experience the business future that is Asia. He also teaches as a visiting professor at Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management. 

On three occasions Professor Carr received the business school’s student selection for outstanding faculty member. Based on student impact and research he was awarded the Jacobsen Faculty Fellowship. Post-tenure and promotion to professor, he served for five years as associate dean. Chris was an integral part of the senior leadership team that worked with faculty, students and alumni to balance the college budget, reaffirm the college’s AASCB accreditation, and for the first time assist Cal Poly to break into Bloomberg Businessweek’s top 100 undergraduate business programs. 

Professor Carr earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska, master’s degree in political science from UCLA, and law degree with cum laude distinction from Santa Clara University. In 2017 he served as the US-Italy Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Business at the University of Naples – Parthenope.  Professor Carr has also consulted as a Fulbright Senior Specialist on capacity building, rule of law, entrepreneurship, and academic program development with elite science and engineering universities in Tunisia and Pakistan and the top Mongolian finance and economics institute. He remains an active member of the California bar. 


MBA Courses 

  • Business Law 
  • International Business Study Tour (People’s Republic of China and India) 
  • Effective Business Communication (includes designing and delivering action-oriented presentations supported by story, data visualization and infographics) 
  • Governmental and Social Influences on Business (MBA Integrated Core) 

Undergraduate Courses 

  • Business Law 
  • International Business Law 
  • Governmental and Social Influences on Business 
  • Establishing International Supply Chains (China) 


I research and write about topics connecting law, regulation, business, and society (see SSRN and ResearchGate) such as: 

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to resolve business disputes (rule of law, economic growth and development, legal system comparison; privatization of justice) 
  • Trade secret theft and disclosure, and its impact on stock prices (law and finance) 
  • Knowledge management and intellectual capital via trade secret development and protection (business strategy, people management, systems management) 
  • China’s legal system as applied to business disputes involving foreign companies doing business in or with China (comparative and international business law) 
  • Business Liability Insurance and Risk Management, Intellectual Property (trademarks), Marketing Law 
  • Agricultural export from West Coast ports (regulation, transportation, logistics, technology, digitalization, supply chain strategy). See, e.g., the following USDA funded studies and research reports: 
    • The Impact of New Digital Technologies (Including API Integration) on Containerized Agricultural Exports – Focusing on the Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland (2022). USDA Funded Research Agreement No. 20-TMTSD-CA-0007. SSRN. ResearchGate.    
    • The Prospects for Developing Inland Logistics Ports in California (2022). USDA Funded Research Agreement 21-TMTSD-CA-0003. SSRN. ResearchGate.   
    • Integrating (Trucker) Terminal Gate Appointment Systems at the Port of Los Angeles (2022). USDA Funded Research Agreement 21-TMTSD-CA-0004. SSRN. ResearchGate.   
    • Determinants of Refrigerated Container Provisioning for Agricultural Exports from California and Washington Ports (2022). USDA Funded Research Agreement No. 20-TMTSD-CA-0008. SSRN. ResearchGate 
    • Intermodal Chassis Availability (Supply) for Containerized Agricultural Exports (2021). USDA Funded Research Agreement No. 19-TMTSD-CA-0003. SSRN. ResearchGate 
    • Forthcoming USDA research 
      • The Impact of Capacity Investment at Major West Coast Ports and Terminals That Connect to the Movement of Containerized Agricultural Export. USDA Funded Research Agreement 22-TMTSD-CA-0006 
      • The Role of Cooperative Chassis Pools in Serving Agricultural Exporters: A Case Study of California Ports. USDA Funded Research Agreement 22-TMTSD-CA-0007

Awards, Fellowships & Honors 

US-Italy Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Business
University of Naples – Parthenope
Naples, Italy
Research and teaching award

Media: An Interview With Professor Chris Carr, Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Business (My Generation Web) 

Fulbright Senior Specialist
National University of Sciences and Technology
Islamabad, Pakistan
Expertise: Capacity building, entrepreneurship, rule of law, accreditation, business communication and presentations, curriculum and academic program development 

Media: Turning the Page (Cal Poly Business Magazine) (highlighting the OCOB and subsequent hosting of a NUST visiting faculty member); From California, With Love (The USEFP Gazette) 

Fulbright Senior Specialist
University of Finance and Economics (formerly the Institute of Finance and Economics)
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Expertise: Same above. Also sustainable tourism. 

Media: Growing Entrepreneurship, Rule of Law, and Presentation Innovation in Tunisia, Pakistan and Mongolia (Fulbright Scholar Report) 

Fulbright Senior Specialist
University of Sfax
Sfax, Tunisia
Expertise: Same as Pakistan. 

Media: Tunisian Entrepreneurship and Innovation: The Road Ahead (Tunisia Live Op-Ed); Cal Poly Professor Returns from Fulbright Program in Tunisia (Cal Poly– university press release); Professor Tunes Up Tunisia (Cal Poly Mustang News) 

Jacobsen Faculty Fellowship
Cal Poly Orfalea College of Business (Dean’s Advisory Council Review and Selection) 

Media: Orfalea College of Business Announces Jacobsen Faculty Fellows

Faculty Emeritus Award
Cal Poly Orfalea College of Business (Student Selection) 

Outstanding Faculty Award
Cal Poly Orfalea College of Business – Accounting & Law Area (Student Selection) 

Faculty Member of the Year and Learning Community Partner of the Year
Cal Poly Tenaya Hall – Business Student Dorm (Student Selection – 2x) 

Outstanding Faculty Member in Business Administration
Cal Poly Orfalea College of Business (Student Selection – 2x) 

13th and 14th Annual ‘Apple Polysher’ Faculty Honoree
Cal Poly Student Reps Organization (Student Selection – 2x) 

Professional Affiliations & Miscellaneous 

Visiting MBA Adjunct Professor
Peking University, Guanghua School of Management 

California Bar – Member (License No. 148953; Active Status) 

United States District Court for the Central, Northern, Southern and Eastern Districts of California – Admitted Member 

Arbitrator, Three Member Panel, International AAA Arbitration
Henley (California) vs. Teletrac Holdings, Inc. (UK) 

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