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Conflict Is The Root Of All Waste

Why Continuous Improvement Doesn’t Stick



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Despite the fact that LEAN promises lower costs, better working conditions and productivity and higher profits, up to 97% of Lean Implementations fail.


When companies tackle CI, they typically do so with the physical implications of waste in mind: Inventory, space, materials, time and human capital. But an insidious waste undermines value even more significantly and pervasively: Unresolved conflict.

Where there is conflict, there is unproductive behavior. Behavior – not just process – is to blame for loss of productivity yet it isn’t typically addressed. To truly implement change, Lean leaders must learn to identify and address the emotional “muda” that bottlenecks progress and often manifests as:

  • Territorial managers
  • Persistent struggle between departments
  • Low morale / pent up anger
  • Failure to use / learn new systems
  • Failure to progress with performance goals, missing deadlines
  • Defective product or a break down in service
  • Unhappy customers
  • Margin erosion

Designed for operations leadership and CI executives, this one-day workshop walks participants through the rarely discussed and even more rarely addressed people side of Lean implementation. Discover the secret to ridding your continuous improvement efforts of bad attitudes and resistant behavior through:

  • Ultimate root cause analysis: Learn to identify and overcome the common sources of stress, anxiety and miscommunication that underpin most CI efforts.
  • Discovery of accidental stressors: Determine if your company’s Structures and Activities help to create or enable negative Behavior and Attitudes (SABA). Do unclear goals, misguided KPI’s or unrealistic expectations inadvertently lead to the conflict that weakens improvement efforts?
  • Leadership style review: What do your behavioral tendencies say about the role you play in creating or quelling conflict. How do you respond to peers, supervisors or direct reports in conflict?

Participants will also learn:

  • How most organizations misinterpret the “Respect For People” side of the Lean equation.
  • What organizational values have to do with Lean.
  • How to sustain lean investment and performance gains through a more balanced, engaged and high performing team.
  • Getting CI to stick

A central component of this workshop is a DiSC assessment that measures each participant’s tendency to behave in Dominant, Influential, Steadfast and Conscientious ways. We are all a combination of styles however some behaviors stand out more than others.

Naturally, different behavioral styles will see things differently. But knowing how you express your needs and more importantly, understanding how others perceive that behavior is critical to cultivating the cultural cohesion necessary to achieve and sustain Lean performance gains for good.

Upon registration, you will be given access via email to a short (about 15 minute) online questionnaire. The results of this questionnaire take shape in a personalized profile that will be provided to you during the workshop. This profile covers a range of subjects including how you respond to conflict, what motivates and stresses you and how you solve problems. Participants learn how those with different behavioral orientations (such as peers and direct reports) respond to these factors as well.

Scott Gauvin, CEO

Scott is a seasoned change agent with over 25 years experience successfully helping organizations realize their potential. Throughout his career, Scott’s focus has been on driving performance gains through organizational alignment and a progressive approach to operations strategy. He has advised companies the world over and across a wide range of industries including pharmaceuticals, biotech, consumer goods, medical devices, agriculture, packaging, legal service, banking, food processing and industrial manufacturing.

In addition to driving the growth of Macresco’s consultancy practice, Scott counsels client organizations in transition and is most often involved in strategic endeavors that include assessing and improving upon company capabilities and capacity for change as well as innovating underperforming business models to improve market opportunity.

Prior to launching Macresco, Scott was a business management consultant and began his career in the tech space specializing in systems design and architecture.

He holds a BA from the University of Massachusetts, an MBA from Boston University and is a Six Sigma Black Belt. Scott is also a frequent speaker and has presented for the American Society of Quality, The Shingo Conference, The Association for Manufacturing Excellence, Fabtech, Vistage and Boston University School of Management among others.

Macresco is a management-consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations achieve transformative results. We believe in the radical possibility of workplaces that are both productive AND humanistic as well as the profound impact employee engagement has on performance.

Our practice enables enterprise excellence through intervention across three core service pillars: Strategy, Organization and Operations.

Whether the goal is growth, charting future opportunity or triage, Macresco helps clients better capitalize on the value of their business, tune in to the needs of their employees and eliminate complexity to bring their vision into focus. The result: Greater market opportunity and millions in cost savings.

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