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Central Coast Lean

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  • Dave Beaumont – Lean Practitioner and Consultant and
  • Deryl Sturdevant – President and CEO of Aguila Gris, an Executive Leadership Lean Consulting Corp.and retired President/CEO of Toyota CAPTIN (Canadian Autoparts Toyota, Inc.)
Lean Basics
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Workshop 1
Mike Osterling – President of Osterling Consulting
Kaizen Events for the Office
Osterling – Kaizen Events.pdf dl-pdf
Workshop 2
Peg Pennington – Executive Director of the Center for Operational Excellence, Ohio State University
How to Solve a System Problem
Cause Mapping for Exec Ed.pdf dl-pdf
Keynote Speaker
Luke Faulstick – Co-Owner, President and Chief Executive Officer of Power Partners
“Speed Kills…especially if it is too slow”
Triple Session 1
Steve Kane – Director of Core Business Operations for Specialty Silicone Fabricators
Customer Focused Culture
Nicole Smith – Inventory Control Manager for Zurn Wilkins
The Benefits of Electronic Kanban
Malcolm Keif – Professor in the Graphic Communication Department, Cal Poly SLO
Setup Reduction for Printers
Keif_CP_Lean_Summit.pdf dl-pdf
Triple Session 2
John Ruffner – Healthcare Consultant
Culture Matters
Elaine Crandell – Deputy Executive Officer for the County of Ventura, California
“Lean Government: It’s all in your head”
Lean Government.pdf dl-pdf
Eric Olsen – Professor Industrial Technology, Cal Poly



Kaizen Events


Lean Six Sigma