Summit 2012

Central Coast Lean


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Summit 2012 Slides and Presentations

Workshop 1
Greg Williams, President for the Western Region of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence.
Lean Basics
What is AME?
  Workshop 2
Kevin Meyer, President of Specialty Silicone Fabricators.
Lean Strategy
Keynote Speaker
 Art Smalley, world renown lean author, consultant and trainer.
The Power & Applicability of Lean
Panel Discussion: Lean in Manufacturing and Services
Eric Olsen – Professor Industrial Technology, Cal Poly
Dave Beaumont – VP of Roll Excellence at Roll Global
John Rubio – Western Regional Manager for Simpler Consulting
Rich Bronson – Senior Manager at Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works
Scott Heydon – Founder and Principle of Retail Transformation Group
Matt Weber – Operations Manager for C&D Zodiac
Panel Discussion: Lean in Higher Education and Government
 Bob Mabry – Machining and Manufacturing Instructor at Hancock College
 Cem Sunata – University Registrar, Cal Poly
 Curtis Black – Deputy Director of Parks, County of San Luis Obispo
 Eric Anglim – Assistant Director, Business Services-Property Management, UC Berkley
 Ken Devane – Project Manager, Quality Initiatives Department, CSU Chancellor’s Office




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