Central Coast Lean Leadership Workshop Series

The Central Cost Lean Leadership Series Certification provides associates and managers with exposure to key concepts, principle, practices, and experiences, which will enable them to lead their organization, teams, and co-workers on a lean journey. Join us for a fun and informative learning experience that will transform how you think about the work you do and the leadership you provide.  This workshop series will be offered as an annual curriculum.  Lean learners who complete the whole series will be Central Coast Lean Leadership Series Certified.

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2018-19 Workshops

Workshop 3: Zombie Hunter – Lean Six Sigma Project Simulation

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Thursday, November 8, 2018 8:30am-4:30pm

Objective:  Learn to apply the lean six sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) approach to problem solving with your team.

Purpose One way to view lean is as a problem solving methodology.  Teams of associates need a common framework and approach based on the scientific method to drive continuous improvement.  This course integrates lean and six sigma tools and practices into a common problem-solving framework.  It allows teams to practice the DMAIC process and develop confidence in its application.

Approach:  Participants have fun and learn DMAIC problem solving while playing a computer simulation of a “zombie outbreak” in London ..  The technology allows teams of 3-4 to test their tool knowledge and skills.  Each team builds a DMAIC storyboard and is evaluated on cost and time to solve the problem.

Target Audience:  All managers and associates.  Some exposure to lean and six sigma is beneficial.  More experienced and knowledgeable participants can help those newer to their lean journeys.

Length:  1 day

Price:  $249 early bird, $299 regular

Required: Bring your own Wi-Fi enabled PC or Mac.

Workshop 4: Liberating Structures – A3 Immersion

Thursday, January 24, 2019 8:30am-4:30pm Complete Interest Sign Up Form

Objective:  Learn to facilitate large group problem solving by providing a little bit of structure to unleash a wealth of creativity and positive engagement.

Purpose Engaging associates in problem solving is key to building a lean culture.  In particular, A3 problem solving (e.g. Theme, Current State, Problem, Goals/Targets, Analysis, Countermeasures, Plan, and Follow-up) is a powerful concept for lean practitioners.  This workshop teaches participants how to use A3 problem solving while simultaneously using Liberating Structures to engage teams or large groups.

Approach:  Immersion Workshops are designed to introduce participants to a large number of Liberating Structures very rapidly. The idea is to create awareness of the range of possibilities that Liberating Structures open up. Also, covering a wide variety of structures underscores the idea that there is no single way to address many complex challenges. Another message that participants get loud and clear: you learn by doing; once you’ve seen a Liberating Structure in action and practice doing it in the workshop, you can use it in any setting.  In this special immersion workshop for lean thinkers, we will be using an 8-step A3 framework to put various Liberating Structures together and engage participants in a problem common to lean organizations. 

Target Audience:  All managers, team leads, and supervisors who are tasked with engaging associates and facilitating their interaction.  Some exposure to lean is beneficial, but not required. 

Length:  1 day

Price $249 early bird, $299 regular

Workshop 5: Leading Lean

Tuesday, March 5, 2019 8:30am-4:30pm Complete Interest Sign Up Form

Objective:  Learn the qualities and subtleties of lean leadership and its key role in developing a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Purpose:  Serves as a capstone to the Central Coast Lean Leadership Workshop Series.  It covers the fundamentals of how good leadership applies in a lean transformation.

Approach:  This integrates key elements of previous workshops in this series and allows participants to work through leadership challenges relevant to their own organizations.  The Toyota Kata and humble inquiry are covered as key elements in building a leadership style.

Target Audience All managers, team leads, and supervisors who are charged with implementing lean in their organizations.  Pervious participation in the 7 Habits workshop and at let one other workshop in the series is preferred.

Length:  1 day

Price:  $249 early bird, $299 regular

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