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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Dr. Olsen’s background and how he came to learn about continuous improvement (2:30)
  • What Dr. Olsen teaches (3:53)
  • The quote that inspires Dr. Olsen (4:50)
  • Why community is important to a lean journey (5:56)
  • How Dr. Olsen has been bringing lean to the Central Coast (7:55)
  • About the Central Coast Lean Summit (11:42)
  • The motivation and drive behind Dr. Olsen’s efforts (14:08)
  • Who can attend (16:55)
  • How to build your own lean community (19:05)
  • Dr. Olsen’s vision for the future (20:43)
  • What “Respect for People” means to Dr. Olsen (24:13)
  • The best advice Dr. Olsen has ever received (26:04)
  • Dr. Olsen’s personal productivity habit (28:38)
  • What has surprised Dr. Olsen in the last year (29:44)
  • How Dr. Olsen recharges and refocuses (31:40)
  • The knowledge or skill area Dr. Olsen feels he needs to improve (32:58)
  • Dr. Olsen’s final words of wisdom (34:07)

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