Lean Six Sigma


Central Coast Lean is in the process of building out a Lean Six Sigma “Course Suite” to better support the training needs of students, organizations, and individuals, on the Central Coast. The suite will include black and green belt training and certification for undergraduates, graduate students, and professionals.

Each GB or BB student must complete a “Mini-Project” as part of their initial training.

Summer 2019 Lean Six Sigma Courses


All courses include:

  • Live, weekly online sessions facilitated by Dr. Eric Olsen.
  • 9 online videos illustrating lean and supportive concepts.
  • A lean six sigma “mini-project” to help you transfer concepts learned to the challenges in your own workplace. Bring some mini-project ideas to class. What needs fixing where you work?
  • An 8 hour lean six sigma project computer simulation (Zombie Hunter).

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