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NEW - Workshop:Online Live: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Wed/Thurs/Fri, July 29-31, 2020

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About Central Coast Lean

Central Coast Lean seeks to build knowledge and understanding around building a local community of lean practice across business, education, nonprofit organizations and government.

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2019 Summit Recap

Thank you to all for making this year’s Central Coast Lean Summit a success! Mark your calendars for next year – April 27th to April 28th 2020.

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Kaizen Events

Kaizen Events are focused efforts to solve a problem or improve a process. Central Coast Lean supports Kaizen approaches and formats from paid facilitaion to “free-sultants” to student projects.

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Workshops & Tours

The Central Cost Lean Leadership Series Certification will enable associates, and managers to lead their organization, teams, and co-workers on a lean journey through key concepts, practices and experiences.

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Events Calendar

Stay up to date with all Central Coast Lean events, workshops, courses
and certifications with the events calendar.

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Lean Six Sigma

Central Coast Lean is in the process of building out a Lean Six Sigma “Course Suite” to better support the training needs of students, organizations, and individuals, on the Central Coast.

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