Accounting Minor


Cal Poly Accounting Minor

The accounting minor is comprised of 28 units of accounting classes ranging from introductory financial accounting to the federal taxation of individuals. The minor is offered by Cal Poly’s Accounting Area, a regional leader in preparing superior accounting graduates. Faculty build curriculum with industry in mind to give students a thorough knowledge of accounting and tax laws along with the confidence to use those skills in advising businesses towards financial success.
How do students apply or declare the minor?

Applications for admission can be found here and on the Accounting and Law Area website. Upon submission, applications will be reviewed and subsequently approved or denied. Student Services will notify students in due course as to their admission or denial, and accepted students will obtain the minor declaration form from Student Services.
Who should take this minor?

Students outside of the business administration and economics majors are eligible to apply for the accounting minor so long as they are sophomore level standing with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Admission into the minor is not guaranteed, but rather applications are reviewed on a competitive basis. Students interested in pursuing CPA licensure (and graduate studies in accounting) are particularly encouraged to apply. NOTE that the Accounting minor is only an option for those not majoring in business administration or economics.

Minor Requirements

  • Accounting minor is an option for those outside the business administration and economics majors. Industrial technology and packaging majors can declare this minor.
  • At least one-half of the minor units must be upper division courses.
  • A minimum of one-half of the coursework must be completed in residence.
  • Minor must be completed BEFORE or at the SAME TIME as the major.
  • 28 units are required to complete the minor.
  • After admission to the minor, students MUST maintain a 2.8 GPA in the minor courses or be subject to dismissal from the minor.

What kind of careers will this minor support?

The minor is designed for non-business majors interested in public accounting in audit, taxation or advisory services. Accounting knowledge is relevant in a variety of fields, from launching a startup, to working in a family business, to leading a corporate role.

The details of the minor curriculum can be located at

Questions concerning the minor should be directed to Student Services at the Orfalea College of Business at 805-756-2601 or