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IT 407 Projects On Sale

Industrial technology and packaging students in the Orfalea College of Business are selling unique gifts just in time for the summer.

Cal Poly’s industrial technology and packaging capstone course, IT 407: Applied Business Operations, empowers teams of students to explore the full spectrum of product design, manufacturing and sales. Across a 10-week course, students must invent a unique product, prototype their design, invest in raw materials, standardize manufacturing, produce 100 units, market the product, and sell all units.

Upcoming Events

June 2: Trade Show at Cal Poly on Dexter Lawn 10am-3pm

June 2: San Luis Obispo Farmer’s Market 6pm-9am




The JuggerKnot is a lightweight and durable tool that allows you to bypass the difficulty and complexity of tying secure knots. Simply put the JuggerKnot combines the flexibility and convenience of rope with the ease of use and strength of tie down straps.

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PolyClipPoly Clip

The PolyClip is the money clip and multi tool you have been looking for! It is made completely from stainless steel, and features a bottle opener, letter opener, pry bar, 3 hex keys, scraper, and a laser etched inch ruler. Visit our website to learn more and order yours today!

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PolyRackPoly Rack

The PolyRack provides consumers an aesthetic and convenient way to mount their bicycle. Built out of high-quality steel and embellished with premium wood, the rack changes the way we think of storing bikes. Instead of seeing your bike as a nuisance when it comes putting it away, the PolyRack lets cyclists efficiently hang their bikes thank to its built-in swivel technology. Meticulously crafted and rigorously tested, the bike rack can hold up to 100 lbs and will secure any type of tire — road, mountain, BMX, you name it.

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The CaddyHack is a new and innovative product designed with the golfer in mind. Through countless hours of design, prototyping, redesign, and testing, we are proud to offer the CaddyHack. A product designed to revolutionize the sport of golf forever.

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Posted May 18, 2016

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