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Special Designations from Recruiters

Ernst & Young

“We at Ernst & Young would like to thank you, the Orfalea College of Business, and the Accounting Area for your ongoing commitment to higher education. The California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo students have outstanding credentials and our firm has recognized the campus as an excellent source for well qualified candidates.

Cal Poly students have distinguished themselves in our firm, and have contributed greatly to our overall success. We realize that we are fortunate to partner with a university like Cal Poly, and we hope to continue to make investments in our relationship with the university. To this end, Cal Poly has been designated as one of our prime source campuses, and is the only California State University that has received this designation.

This is an important distinction within our firm, one held for universities with a commitment to excellence, and a tradition in providing us what we need most: quality professionals. As a result, we hope to maintain our close working relationship with the university to better understand your needs, and we hope to provide the students with the guidance they need in finding a profession that will allow them to meet their goals, and the jobs that will allow them to do so. We hope that we can continue to be a leading employer on your campus.”

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Ellen Glazerman
National Director of Campus Recruiting
Director, Ernst & Young Foundation


“We are very pleased to inform you that KPMG  has designated California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) as a “Key School” as it relates to University Recruiting. This is due to our recognition of Cal Poly’s outstanding business program. The caliber of students that graduate from the program is of extremely high quality. In addition, the diversity of the students’ backgrounds enables KPMG to hire them into several of our offices and practices. KPMG has designated less than 40 schools nationwide as “Key Schools,” of which only six are located in the West, including Cal Poly.”

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James P. Lynch, Partner
Mountain View, CA

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